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Ole Miss Family Leadership Council
University of Mississippi

2019-20 Ole Miss Family Leadership Council

Bill and Joan Abington Libertyville IL *
John and Susan Allbert Charlotte NC ****
Jim and Shameran Anderer San Francisco CA *
Doug and Roz Anderson Granger IN *
Philip and Ellen Asherman Spring TX *
Scott Bengel Charlotte NC ***
Richard and Linda Biernacki Shreveport LA *****
Kevin and Shea Boscamp Dallas TX *
Jack and Jennifer Brinson Raleigh NC ***
Michael and Heather Brown Paducah KY **
Willie and Aliza Cantu San Antonio TX ***
Kyle and Deidre Childers Marion IL *
John and Beth Cleveland Kingwood TX ***
Terry and Liz Creel New Orleans LA ****
Grant and Brenda Deary Sacramento CA *
Jim and Kim Eickholz Paducah KY ****
Bob and Jodi Eisen Englewood CO ***
Greg and Tracie Espenan Metairie LA ***
George and Dyan Getz Paradise Valley AZ ****
Stacey and Leigh Ann Goff Monroe LA *
Michael and Marnie Goldberg San Antonio TX ***
Hardy and Monica Graham Bailey MS *
Joseph and Renee Horning Hartland WI **
Wendell and Gayla Hoskins Steele MO ***
Ti and Ann House Annapolis MD *
Fred and Julie Jewell Atlanta GA ****
John Keiser San Francisco CA *
John and Chelle Kelaher Greenville SC ***
Susan Kelly Bradenton FL *
John and Jennifer Lazzara Ponte Vedra Beach FL *
Bill and Stephanie Lenchinsky Montclair NJ ***
Carl and Lee Llewellyn Atlanta GA **
Alice Major Birmingham AL **
Jules and Wendy Marine Newport Beach CA ***
Drake and Jennifer Martin Santa Rosa Beach FL **
Bill and Laura Ann Mullins Vienna VA ***
Ted and Anne Palles Dallas TX *
Dean and Cher Palmer Sarasota FL *
Chuck and Kelly Pfister Chesterfield MO *
Mark and Mary Pierce Nashville TN **
Charles and Julie Potter Ketchum ID ***
Andrew and Kellie Powell Austin TX *
Jon Ringquist Los Angeles CA ***
Scott and Shelley Ririe Town and Country MO ****
David Sallee and Rene Robinson Collierville TN *
Matthew and Elizabeth Rotan Houston TX **
Scott and Vicki Rutledge Sarasota FL *
Jon and Cindy Seigle Oxford MS ***
Carlos Canada and Nancy Sorgatz Sausalito CA *
Scott and Lana Speck San Antonio TX *
Matt and Allyson Stephens Germantown TN *
Carter and Monica Stewart Birmingham AL *
Patrick and Cori Sullivan Albuquerque NM **
Brian and Anne Taylor Davidson NC *
Paul and Cindy Turner Pleasant Hill CA **
Ronnie and Paige Weinstein Houston TX **
Bill and Carol Windham Bossier City LA ****
Peter and Carla Witt Denver CO *
Richard and Allyson Zak Henrico VA ***
Jim and Frances Zook Oxford MS ***
*New Member
**Two Consecutive Years Member
***Three Consecutive Years Member
****Four Consecutive Years Member
*****Five Consecutive Years Member

All Member Years